4 Reasons To Hike Your Bike

4 Reasons To Hike Your Bike

1. Ride down something you cant ride up

Every time I'm out hiking over step ups and scrambling up scree all I can think about is how much fun riding a mountain bike down it would be.

2. Get your bike over difficult terrain

This is how hike-a-bike came to be. Having to cross marshy ground, tall grass, muddy bog and fight through bushes with not a trail in sight is alot easier with two hands free and your bike on your back.

3. Too steep a climb

I think the title sums this up enough. Sometimes there just arent enough gears wether youve had your wheatabix that morning or not.

4. Major malfunction

You lug around a backpack full of stuff you never need then the day you need that inner tube or chain tool its nowhere to be found and is likely sitting on your kitchen counter.
So rather than damage your bike any further throw it on your back and keep those overly expensive rims from getting knocked about.