HIKE-A-BIKE was a little idea conceived on a cold and miserable afternoon in mid November up the Kilpatrick Hills near Glasgow. 

After a couple hours of riding in stunning Scottish weather, horizontal rain and gale force winds the forest road I was on started to dwindle away to nothing just like my chances of a hot coffee and a shower before work. 

Not prepared to challenge the rain head on and go back the way I came and with not a sniff of a trail in sight I was convinced that my best way back to civilisation was just over the spongy heathery hill in front of me (this was a mistake). So with my trusty steed adorned on my shoulder I set off for refuge and a chance to stop drowning in my own snotters and tears. 

Well it was about an hour into suffer fest 2018 that I thought, wouldn't it be nice if I had two hands to pull myself over the next false summit. So for the rest of the suffer fest I trundled along thinking of the simplest way I could get what was now the worlds heaviest bike of my shoulder and onto my back and thus hike-a-bike was born.

I'm also pretty fortunate in that I was once a screen printer in a past life. HIKE-A-BIKE has given me the chance to reignite my passion for design and screen printing and combine it with my love of mountain biking in creating our MTB Apparel. 

Skip forward a couple of years and a good few dozen 3d prints, a couple of prototypes and here we are today ready for the next adventure into the wild.


Adam Cook 

HIKE-A-BIKE - Get Higher